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Then there are some things you need to know:

  • This wiki is intended for your IS2216 Java module. It is supposed to contain revision material, video tutorials, and act as a reference for all things Java.
  • You can edit the pages on this site. Add tutorials, add explanations, add useful links which you have found or even add exam question solutions. Contribute to the site and help your class mates!
  • To edit a page, go to the page and click the Edit button. All you need to do is create a free account! Visit the Join Page to begin!
  • You can change everything in the main area of a page. The Wikidot language is easy to learn but powerful.
  • Your Wikidot site has two menus, one at the side called 'nav:side', and one at the top called 'nav:top'. These are Wikidot pages, and you can edit them like any page.
  • You can attach images and other files to any page, then display them and link to them in the page.
  • I will be creating some YouTube Video tutorials and providing links to them here!

This is an experiment I'm conducting for one of my projects but the more successful this experiment is, the better off your class is so please Watch, Learn and Contribute!!

You can use the menu's on the top and on the left to navigate around the site. If you are creating a new page, make sure provide a link to it in the top menu. The YouTube links will be posted in the video tutorials page and also under each relevant topic! Please contribute to the pages and help your classmates!

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