Welcome to the IS2216 Java Helpwiki

This wiki has been made for you and your classmates to act as a place you can all share knowledge of Java and learn collectively as a group. I'll be posting a few video tutorials and creating a few pages but outside of that, it's your responsibility as a class to contribute ans make this site a fantastic learning and study resource for your class. Me hoping for your class to contribute is probably ambitious, so I'll make a deal with you. The more your class contributes, the more I'll contribute. I'm prepared to post video tutorials, a fair chunk of text based explanations and plenty of code examples. At the very least you and your classmates should be posting enhanced notes from lectures, exam tips, exam question solutions, project guidance, and general enhancements to whatever information is already there…

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Yours in helpful tutorness - Patrick Scott

Remeber, when you create a new page you have to add it to the top menu so people can find it!

Usage Guidelines

  • Please remember that this will be primarily made up of user generated information. Therefore, you should not take anything posted on this site as Gospel.
  • It is everybody's responsibility to correct any piece of information which they know to be incorrect or inaccurate. This is vital to ensure that the integrity of the site is maintained.
  • When editing or creating a page, please ensure that the information which you are posting is accurate and correct.
  • Provide a reference when entering direct quotations or simply avoid providing quotations altogether
  • When creating a page, please be aware of the menu structure in place. The "java menu" drop down should contain all of the Java topics being covered in lecture. If you have created a page that is not related to the lecture topics then feel free to create a new menu link. I will manage the menu and make sure that everything stays organised.
  • A note box should be created at the top of every page briefly outlining what the page should be all about for other contributors.
  • When contributing to the site, please update the recent updates section below so that returning visitors can see what is new!

Recent Updates

  • Created Basic Introduction to Java Page and explained the class and main method declarations with HelloWorld example
  • Created a page introducing the basic Java syntax, i.e. declaring variable's, explaining the different data types available
  • Created a page introducing If statements and switch statements - including a simple and nested if statement example
  • Created a page introducing the various Loop statements - including a simple and nested Loop statement example

List of things TO-DO!

  • Create a page introducing a simple class with some attributes - include the student example with no methods that prints student details from within the main method
  • Create a page introducing the different types of methods including getter and setter methods, the constructor method and return types - include a detailed explanation of all the new topics and enhance our student example with getter and setter methods, a constructor and a print details method
  • Create a page introducing encapsulation - enhance our student example with the access modifiers public and private
  • Create a page introducing inheritance - introduce the concept and create a book example which has sub classes murderBook and cookingBook - make sure the super keyword is used and explained

The above list of things to-do should get the wiki up to speed with the lecture material as far as Christmas - students should feel free to include things which they have researched themselves including use of the scanner class and simple input box and output box creation!

Use the Java menu to be begin!